Falafel Hakosem


Hakosem is located on Shlomo Hamelech St, only a half block away from Dizengoff Center. People recommend their famous falafel, but actually they offer many other tasty dishes as well.

Whether you are eating a dish served in a pita or sitting down for relaxing meal, the large helpful staff provides excellent service that will remind you that this is not just another of the falafel stand, but a significant stopping point for the hungry.

  • Falafel (portion) 19
  • Falafel (half-a-portion)12
  • Sabich22

    hard boiled egg, fried eggplant, salad,
    tahina & potatoes

  • Green omelette22
  • Shawarma33
  • Shawarma (half-a-portion)22
  • Shawarma in lafa40
  • Chicken schnitzel33
  • Grilled chicken breast33
  • Chicken liver with onion33
  • Shawarma plate57

    with humus, rice & salad

  • Chicken schnitzel plate57

    with humus, rice & green salad

  • Chicken breast plate57

    with humus, rice & green salad

  • Chicken liver & onion plate57

    with humus, rice & green salad

  • Shakshuka22

    egg poached in tomato & red bell peppers sauce

  • Shakshuka plate47

    with humus, rice & green salad

  • Shakshuka in a skillete40
  • Falafel plate40

    with humus, rice & green salad

  • Humus, tahina & chickpeas29
  • Humus, fava beans & brown egg33
  • Humus complete33

    with falafel, brown egg & fried eggplant

  • Humus with prime beef40
  • Humus shawarma40
  • Humus with chicken nuggets40
  • Humus with chicken liver40
  • Green salad in vinaigrette29
  • Abuya salad40

    humus, salad, potato & brown egg

  • Chicken liver & onion salad40
  • Crunchy salad33

    parsley, chickpeas, broad beans, hard boiled egg, olive oil & lemon

Find us

  • Address
  • Shlomo HaMelech 1
    Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Phone
  • 035252033
  • Opening Hours
  • Sun-Thu 9:30am - 12am
  • Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday Closed